At Outloud we aim to inspire people to realise their potential. Whoever they are, every individual has something to give, and at Outloud they get the chance to learn how to present their skills through natural communication.

Sally Lawrence
I'm Sally Lawrence and welcome to Outloud Productions. I'd like to introduce the OP team, and
tell you about our inspirational speech, drama and voice training courses.

Children can stretch their imaginations, improve their vocabulary and build their confidence through speech and drama lessons through our work at schools and at workshops.
We also cater for adults in a private and corporate setting, helping them to make the perfect presentation, to build their confidence in the classroom or to make a wonderful wedding speech.

With excellent tutors on hand we can offer you guidance and help for you and your children to learn the art of successful communication in the 21st century.

We encourage learning through speech and drama and performance so you can make a successful impact on your audience whoever they may be. Outloud offers a professional tailor made service.

Outloud Productions specialize in Theatre in Education (TIE). We perform in hundreds of schools across Essex, Greater London and Surrey. We work with all Key stages and have enjoyed working in partnership with Southend LA, Surrey Children’s Fund, Fathers Direct, SAVS, Southend Children’s Fund, Southend United, Essex Police and Victim Support.

Safety Information: Public liability insurance cover: £5m. All electrical equipment PAT tested annually and canvas scenery fireproofed.

Outloud began in the year 2000, and since then we've built up a team of professional actors, with experience in broadcasting, film, education and theatre plus a group of fantastic 'backroom boys' (and girls) who keep the whole organisation running smoothly.

We help adults and children achieve their potential, developing communication skills
through inspirational speech, drama and voice training.

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